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Namaste Y’all


About The Author:

I’m a 20-something guy born in a teeny-tiny Island far far away in the Eastern hemisphere, bred in the upper mid-west and living in the beautiful city of Charlotte aka. the “Queen City” in North Carolina.

Posts about travelling, meeting and sharing experiences with people from diverse backgrounds, living a frugal live-style, craft beer, early financial independence and coffee (!!) are just some of the things you will stumble upon in this blog.

If you like what you read, please feel free to leave a comment. I do have to mention that as a person with a finance/accounting background, while I may be great at numbers I’m certainly not a top-notch writer!

Great…! So whats next?

Haha, so I hope you enjoy reading about my humble beginnings in the good ol’ USA, my travels, how I’m trying hard to achieve financial independence and everything in-between that.