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Furnishing Your Apartment like a Tight-wad!



I’m brand spanking new to the Queen City. So whats worse than driving 700 plus miles with all  your life possessions packed in a car? Furnishing your APARTMENT!!! I’m one of those guys who hate shopping. I could tell you a million things I would be doing as as opposed to shopping for stuff! 

        Being a minimalist who abhorred the idea of shopping at Ikea for hours, I sat in my 900sqft Condo in Uptown Charlotte and pondered over how I would accomplish this cumbersome task. While browsing Amazon to order whey protein powder, I happened to search for “sofas” in hopes of getting an idea of what the furniture prices were online. I was pleasantly surprised at the deals I came across!  There were some incredible deals for furniture, which were literally much better than paying double the price and wasting gas and time by going to a store like Ikea or West Elm.


(All the above cost less that $600 including shipping!!!)

Being frugal and a minimalist, I immediately checked for any other discounts or promotional offers available. Amazon was running a deal for $50 off if you sign up for a store credit card and another $50 off if you signed up for their Rewards Visa card. Lucky me!! Having a stellar credit score, I was instantly able to sign-up and apply $100 against my balance. I ended up buying the The DHP Emily Futon and Lounger (          and the lounger  (

 The idea was to combine them to make a sectional!! After-all, Charlotte is not where i want to end up in the long-run so I figured I’d keep it simple and very cost-effective.


Total time spent shopping: 3hrs

Price: lounger $133 futon $159 minus the discounts of $100 = $192 plus tax!!!

They key take away is that having a good credit score and a few hours of browsing on Amazon could save you tons of money. Be sure to read reviews carefully and I cannot stress enough that you should always pay off your credit card/ store card balance win full within 30 days!!


Sir Isaac


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